World Poetry Day

Apparently today is World Poetry Day. At least that’s what my Facebook feed has told me. I don’t often write poetry, but I did write a poem recently while hypomanic trying to express that experience. This is going to be used as part of an installation, but that project hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet. Anyway, here is the poem:

Dawn breaks like porcelain upon the floor
Shattering into shrapnel seeking skin
But finding only soul to pierce

The hope of a new morning dashed
Upon the rocks of the mundane melancholy
Found in a life un-littered by the lyrical optimism
Of clichéd greeting cards and meaningless memes

If there is poetry in despair
Then it is a poetry free from rhyme and reason
Bound not to the rules of convention
But to the arbitrary nature of suffering
In a sea of normalcy save for one sad soul

If there is order in the chaos of mania
Then it is found in the confounding
And delusional desire to impose
Narrative on that which has no need
For such frivolities and would rather burn everything
To the ground than provide meaning in the meaningless

And in that burning
Each emotion builds needlessly upon the last
Which it turn builds and burns another and another
As artificially articulated reality
And romanticized reason are rendered unattainable
Though as tantalizing as the time
That is lost like memories in this madness

Darkness looms
Night consumes
To sleep is to die
And to hope for resurrection in the morning

Then dawn breaks like porcelain…