Wading Into the Murky Waters of Politics Part 2

This election season has been atrocious when it comes to stigmatizing and ableist language in public political discourse. The Trump campaign has made insinuations about Hillary Clinton’s health, mental and physical, but more insidiously liberals have constantly felt free to publicly speculate about Donald Trump’s mental health. Donald Trump is crazy, they say. He’s a … Continue reading Wading Into the Murky Waters of Politics Part 2


Mourning is Not Depression

Trigger warning: This post deals with the loss of a pregnancy.    My partner recently had a miscarriage. There. I said it. This is a taboo subject. This is a very stigmatized subject. This is not something you talk about openly. It makes people uncomfortable. But it’s true. She had a miscarriage. We should not … Continue reading Mourning is Not Depression