Shannon and I met in 1997 and hit it off pretty quickly. We were 18. Our first real date was to a UK basketball game. I did not know at the time that she hated basketball. It would be years until she trusted me with that information. Would that have made a difference? Probably not. … Continue reading Always


I Can’t Meditate

I keep hearing that I need to meditate, that it would be incredibly beneficial for me. Yoga has been suggested, too. There’s this whole “mindfulness” thing. Everyone’s into it. It’s supposed to be awesome. It’s supposed to be great for people like me. I have had my partner, two different therapists, and a psychiatrist tell … Continue reading I Can’t Meditate

Balance Part 2

Balance. That is important when managing bipolar. Balance is the key to recovery. Balance is the goal of recovery. Balance is what I strive for daily. Work/life balance is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to managing bipolar. Having racing thoughts is one of my most prevalent symptoms, both with hypomania/mania and with depression. … Continue reading Balance Part 2