At Least There is Hope for a Tree

If you've been following this blog and/or if you follow me on Facebook you've probably picked up on the fact that things haven't been going well for me for awhile. It's frustrating when you are doing everything you're "supposed to" and still have a relapse of symptoms. Spring mania is pretty much in full swing. … Continue reading At Least There is Hope for a Tree



I’ve been dying to see Logan since the Johnny Cash “Hurt” trailer for it came out. That trailer should have won an Academy Award. Is there one for trailers? There should be. An R-rated Wolverine flick also holds a lot of appeal. My partner dug the trailer, too, and has enjoyed most of the Marvel … Continue reading Logan

Looking for a Fight

Spring has sprung. Or rather, it’s March and while spring isn’t “officially” here yet it’s been here in spirit for awhile. But then again it’s also supposed to snow this weekend so maybe spring is just confused. It’s March in Kentucky. Anything can happen. The coming of spring is a wonderful time. It is a … Continue reading Looking for a Fight