About Tom

23826126_10210798353690015_189436697586326360_oTom Baker is an artist, musician, writer, speaker, advocate, parent, partner, Gemini, twin, bipolar, bisexual, beard enthusiast, and all around nice guy.

At the age of 34, after about 20 years of symptoms, Tom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and got started on the path to recovery and stability. Stigma prevented him from seeking the help that he needed for decades.

Stigma ruins lives. Stigma kills. Stigma is perpetuated daily. Cis men especially have a hard time seeking help due to a culture of toxic masculinity. Men are told they just need to “man up”; they need to “toughen up”. Men are conditioned to, metaphorically, “walk it off”. “It doesn’t hurt.” “Don’t cry.” Men are conditioned in toxic masculinity often even before elementary school, especially in sports. Toxic masculinity is a hard mentality to break out of.

This blog fights back against stigma and toxic masculinity, one post, one story at a time. Stigma kills. It’s time to kill it back.

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