I Wear Glasses

I wear glasses. All the time. Anyone can see them. Just look at my face. They’re right there, a beacon, a testimony, a monument broadcasting my inability to see without medical intervention. They are a part of me that shows weakness. Weakness? Glasses? That seems odd. I mean, lots of people wear glasses, right? And … Continue reading I Wear Glasses


Tis the Season

November and December are a couple of rough months for me, but I’m far from alone in that. Even neurotypical people can have trouble as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. It’s easy to cycle down in mood as the days cycle down in length. Seasonal affective disorder is real, and it … Continue reading Tis the Season

Balance Part 2

Balance. That is important when managing bipolar. Balance is the key to recovery. Balance is the goal of recovery. Balance is what I strive for daily. Work/life balance is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to managing bipolar. Having racing thoughts is one of my most prevalent symptoms, both with hypomania/mania and with depression. … Continue reading Balance Part 2