Closets Are For Clothes

I was 34 years old when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had lived with bipolar symptoms for upwards of twenty years prior to my diagnosis, but stigma and a lack of access to healthcare prevented me from receiving an accurate diagnosis and starting on a path towards recovery. After my diagnosis it took … Continue reading Closets Are For Clothes


18 Years Ago Today

18 years ago today I married the love of my life. When I say the love of my life I mean it. She is the only person that I have ever loved, and the only person I could ever imagine loving. We were kids when we got married. We were both 20. In fact, she … Continue reading 18 Years Ago Today

It’s Complicated

It’s complicated. “It’s complicated” is a relationship status on Facebook. It is also an apt description of pretty much everything in life. Everything worth doing, anyway. It’s complicated. Relationships are complicated. They just are. In the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts, anyone who says different is selling something. Relationships follow a story arc. There … Continue reading It’s Complicated

Looking for a Fight

Spring has sprung. Or rather, it’s March and while spring isn’t “officially” here yet it’s been here in spirit for awhile. But then again it’s also supposed to snow this weekend so maybe spring is just confused. It’s March in Kentucky. Anything can happen. The coming of spring is a wonderful time. It is a … Continue reading Looking for a Fight


The first night after he was born I drove home and couldn't stop seeing his face in my mind. I went to sleep seeing that face. I woke up seeing that face. I drove back to the hospital still seeing that beautiful little face, just hoping it was still there and it hadn't all been … Continue reading Josh